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Hoofcare & Lameness is a quarterly journal presenting new information to help veterinarians and farriers treat and prevent common lamenesses. This web site is an extension of Hoofcare Publishing's program of promoting worldwide education about the study of horses' feet and legs.

Hoofcare & Lameness #78
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(Cover: forge fire and branding iron at the Piber Federal Stud, Austria, courtesy of Spanish Riding School)
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New Books and Media

Hoof Problems
By Rob Van Nassau

With the aid of over 1000 high-tech photographs, internationally renowned farrier Rob van Nassau looks at every aspect of hoof care, and describes in detail more than fifty common foot problems. The book uses a highly-effective overlay technique to superimpose bones, tendons and ligaments over photographs. This is especially effective in the anatomy section, where the technique is helpful to show the change in structures during phases of the stride. (click here to read more)

Farriery: The Whole Horse Approach: The enigmas of hoof balance made clear
By David Gill RSS

This is the first book to truly focus on grazing stance, shoulder angle, chest width, back pain, "handedness", crookedness, etc. and their effect on horses with mismatched feet and/or limb deformities and gait asymmetries. I think it is the most in-depth treatise on imbalance in the modern horse that has been written. Again and again, the author returns to the hoof as the dynamic structure that is the victim of weightbearing, and how to recognize problems. (click here to read more)

Guide to Equine Joint Injection and Regional Anesthesia By William Moyer, James Schumacher and John Schumacher

THIS BOOK IS NOW SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT. A new edition will hopefully be available in 2011 or 2012. Hoofcare Publishing will have details when they are available. Watch this space!



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Interactive Anatomy of the Equine Distal Limb It's here! Explore the horse's foot and lower leg at your own home computer! Marvel at highly interactive anatomical models with comprehensive narration and informative animations. Animated interface allows manipulation of models in three dimensions.

This is an extremely user-friendly experience designed to increase the user's familiarity with anatomical structures and also to allow examination of all surfaces of bones, all regions of blood supply, and the relations of anatomical structures to the complete foot. Click here for more details!

Developed by the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine

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“Inside the Hoof Wall” Microscopic Anatomy Poster for Sale
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This web site provides you with advanced professional-level information about lameness and shoeing problems in horses. It is not meant to be a substitute for professional veterinary and farriery care or the services of a therapist. Always consult your professional team for information relevant to your horse's individual problems.

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