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July 10, 2001

An information e-letter published and distributed periodically by Hoofcare Publishing, publishers of Hoofcare & Lameness, The Journal of Equine Foot Science, and the popular web site www.hoofcare.com


This  informational e-letter is published and distributed periodically by Hoofcare Publishing, publishers of Hoofcare & Lameness, The Journal of Equine Foot Science, and the popular web site http://www.hoofcare.com

In this issue: 
1. News Items -- Therapy Deluxe, Shoeless in Louisville, Nouveau Navicular, Fly Spray Warning, Tack Considerations, Black Walnut Alert, At the Movies, American Farriers Team 

2. Continuing Education Opportunities -- Cornell at Saratoga, Tufts Animal Expo, Rochester Equine Clinic Sports Medicine Seminar, IAATH Conference. 

3.  New Books -- Physical Therapy by Denoix and Pailloux in a new edition! And lots more! Plus...web sites to visit and lots more!

Hoofcare & Lameness NEWS

The "day spa" concept for sport horse therapy is taking off, with two new "clinics" opening here in New England. Hoofcare & Lameness visited the Equine Sports Therapy Clinic at Bear Spot Farm in Concord, MA last week and watched dressage horses shuttled between the dentist, saddle doctor, farrier, and veterinary acupuncturist.     Therapist Holly McKellar wasn't in, but she would have been right in the middle of things. I did get to visit with subscribers Dr Mary Kahan, farrier Tom Maker (still on the sidelines thanks to a months-long neck injury from a hay loft accident) and farrier John Blombach. Gary Severson (The Saddle Doctor) and Mark Perry, dentist, were hard at work. Director Jane Karol led a team consult and case review during lunch.      These centers (others include Early Light Farm in Connecticut and Doug Hannum's clinic in Pennsylvania) are a great resource for professionals when referring a problem case; the evaluation is done by the team of specialists, then work is done on the horse, on site, with team members available for consultation. Owners certainly get their money's worth and therapy work is gettting plenty of great exposure and support.      I was especially impressed by the involvement of the owners and the pros' willingness to discuss training problems as part of the overall picture of the horse's soundness issues.

SHOELESS IN LOUSVILLE: There were quite a few references to the shoe-free scene at Equitana USA in Kentucky two weeks ago. Several speeches centered on natural hoofcare, including farriers Gene Ovnicek and Keith LaPierre. I was interviewed for The Horse Show with Rick Lamb, a radio program, and was told ahead of time we'd discuss common summer hoof problems. Instead, the first question was "what's this barefoot stuff all about?"

NOUVEAU NAVICULAR: Extra-corporeal shock wave therapy is gaining popularity this summer, as more and more vet clinics are purchasing the equipment and becoming trained in its uses. Of particular interest are using the waves for navicular pain, bucked shins, and splints.

FLY SPRAY WARNING: Be sure to warn horse owners not to mix fly sprays, particularly when preparing a horse for a therapy session. Some chemicals just don't mix.and the fumes may cause a reaction in the horse, the handler, or the farrier/vet/therapist. A farrier friend was recently affected by such an incident; the hybrid mixture contained DMSO, making it all the more potent in penetrating his skin.

TACK CONSIDERATIONS: Saddle-fitting continues to be a hot topic everywhere in the USA we travel. Dr Joyce Harman's book should be out soon, and she  will hopefully have lots of new information to share. Joyce has a very interesting theory on what she calls Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, or RSD. She will be here in Boston next week doing a wet lab for the American Veterinary Medication Association. In the meantime, certainly saddles can be a problem, but how about improperly sized or fit training aids? As sales of draw and side reins skyrocketed, so did lameness associated with back and neck problems.

BLACK WALNUT ALERT: This may be another internet rumor, but apparently some farms in the Wisconsin area need to be concerned about black walnut trees that were inadvertently chipped into the shavings sold in that region. Black walnut is toxic to horses and a known cause of severe laminitis. Never order shavings from a sawmill that can't verify its sources.

AT THE MOVIES: Did everyone hear about the woman farrier/blacksmith character in the recent jousting-as-extreme-sport movie "A Knight's Tale"? You've heard of chinks in armor.but how about seamless armor? Not since "The Search for El Dorado" and its horseshoe punch line have farriers had such a good reason to go to the movies! Watch for the DVD soon! (adjust volume of thundering hooves and rock music according to taste)

HOME SWEET HOME: AFA team director Bruce Daniels reports that the American Farriers Team will not be traveling to the UK this summer for the International Team Competition usually held in Stoneleigh, England. The contest was part of a festival cancelled by the foot and mouth epidemic. Knowing Bruce, the team will find another contest....or hold one of its own. Stand by for more news! A full report on FAM effects on British farriers is in the new edition of Hoofcare & Lameness.


Visit Hoofcare & Lameness's mobile bookshop at the exciting "Cornell at Saratoga" veterinary conference held during the August race meet in Saratoga Springs, NY. Dates: August 13-15. Full programs on conformation and osteochondrosis. This is a wonderful educational event, see you there! Visit http://www.vet.cornell.edu/cornellatsaratoga.

Rochester Equine Clinic in Rochester, NH is planning its third CAVM conference for late September 2001. Dr Judith Shoemaker will be among the speakers. For more details, email PAQEquine@aol.com

Hilary Clayton will present a full day of lectures on the biomechanics of dressage at the Tufts University College of Veterinary Medicine 2001 Tufts Animal Expo in Boston, October 10-13. Visit http://www.tuftsanimalexpo.com for details or call 1 800 642 9429. 

The 2001 IAATH conference for therapists is scheduled for November 1-4, 2001 in Portland, Oregon. Visit http://www.iaath.org for more details. Speakers will include Linda Tellington-Jones.

Meet some of Hoofcare & Lameness's new advertisers: Coastal Bioresources, Ground Contact Horseshoes, Farriers Depot, MacKinnon First Ice, Cornell at Saratoga, Euro Farriers Conference, Epona Tech, Royer Biomedical; Welcome back to Equilox and Slypner! We have a landslide of new lameness products in our NEW MARKET section...Poor "Goldie", our four-hooved testing lab, is worn out from photo sessions, blinded by flashes, but still thinks it's easier being a model than a sport horse!

What's new inside the cover at Hoofcare & Lameness? Watch for an update on EPSM by Dr Beth Valentine..Issue 75, published this summer, contains a recap of research developments of the past year. .and it's fully referenced, with web sites notated for further reading. Our new product news is overflowing! Check out all the new lameness therapy devices! To subscribe, visit http://www.hoofcare.com or send check/money order for $59 in the USA to Hoofcare, PO Box 6600, Gloucester MA 01930.

Pssst! Want to try something neat? Do you have a PC (not a Mac)? With every book ordered in the month of July, Hoofcare & Lameness will send with it a free trail disk of the new Metron hoof-mapping software to plot changes in hoof angles, radiographs, hairlines, etc. The disk will work for 30 days from date of installation, then you'll need to register with the manufacturer and purchase the "real" program.


Most horse professionals never know what it's like to lie on the beach with a bestseller in July.we're all too busy working! Forget Sue Grafton and Danielle Steele and Scott Turow, we have Denoix, Clayton, and Brennan!

Books are important to our businesses. They keep us up-to-date on new theories and techniques.reinforce (or challenge) our own theories and practices.and provide a handy, portable aid for client education.

Some of the books we are featuring are not strictly lameness books; they cross over into therapy and nutrition.because lameness does too. With so many new products and ideas floating around our vet clinics and training stables, we all have to stay up to date on new paradigms for understanding lameness.

Here are a few of the new ones currently being offered by Hoofcare & Lameness's mail order book service; call today to order your summer reading!

New Second Edition! Physical Therapy and Massage for the Horse
by Jean-Marie Denoix and Jean-Pierre Pailloux. One of the best books on equine kinesiology ever published has been updated, cleaned up, and enlarged. Added: a whole new section on stretching and mobilization plus 61 NEW illustrations. 256 pages. 169 photos and drawings. Hard cover. $35 plus $5 postage in USA.

The Equine Distal Limb
also by Jean-Marie Denoix. What an achievement. If you work on lower leg injuries, this book is a must for anatomy refreshment and client education. A massive, exhaustive examination of every ligament, tendon, and bursa below the knee and hock, many of which are shown in ultrasound, radiographic, and MRI views as well as color dissections. Probably the single most specialized anatomy book ever published in the veterinary field. 390 pages, fully indexed. $175 plus $12 postage in the USA.

Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses: The Owner's Veterinary Guide to Alternative Methods and Remedies 
by Mary L Brennan DVM. I've already used this book several times for reference, you will too! Beautifully organized, succinctly and honestly written. Lots of great info on lameness care, comparing (and combining) complementary and traditional methods for optimal recovery. We've needed this book. A terrific value; a text like this usually sells for twice this price. Hardcover. Oversized. 374 pages, 66 color, 23 bw photos, 21 drawings. $35 plus $6 postage in USA.

The Organic Horse: Natural Management of Horses 
Explained by Peter Gray. Perhaps the most thought-provoking book of the season. No doubt you are hearing pros and cons of the organic equine feed mills.and no doubt your clients are taking a second look at their feed and supplements. Are products from ocean sources safe? What does milling do to grain? This book covers digestion, additives to feed, organic quality, problems of spoilage and infestation, pasture management, water quality, and allergies from grain, pasture, and hay. And a lot more. It is probably a few years ahead of its time, get a head start on the future. $30 plus $6 postage.

Founder: Prevention and Cure the Natural Way
by Jaime Jackson. Everyone's talking about natural techniques for founder recovery, here's a book dedicated to just that! Paperback. 158 pages. $20 plus $5 postage in USA.

Equine Locomotion
by Hilary Clayton and Willem Back. The ultimate textbook for the study of sport horses. Understand head and neck movements, the back, the hoof, and reference exhaustive international research sources in locomotion and biomechanics. Many sources have never been available in English before. Great summaries of complex subjects. A new book for the new century. Hardcover, 384 pages. Lots of illustrations. $99 plus $10 postage.

The Horse's Foot
CD-ROM from the Royal Veterinary College, London. Detailed anatomy and interpretative radiography are the highlights of this interactive CD, complete with video. Look at the bones' different surfaces, examine radiographs of different abnormal conditions. Additional sections on diseases and shoeing/balance. This is a state of the art product. Works on PCs only (no Macs). $50 plus $4 postage in USA.

And don't forget the classics: 
*Color Atlas of the Horse's Foot (in stock now) by Pollitt $129 plus $10 post 
*Equine Foot Studies videotape by Pollitt $55 plus $5 post 
*No Foot No Horse (hoof balance) by Deacon and Williams $45 plus $5 post 
*Understanding the Horse's Legs by Sara Wyche $35 plus $5 post 
*Understanding the Horse's Back by Sara Wyche $35 plus $5 post 
*Veterinary Acupuncture (new edition, lots besides acupuncture) by Allen Schoen (call for price) (all prices postage in USA only)

Coming in any day:

Draft Horses: An Owner's Manual
by Beth Valentine DVM (researcher at Oregon State CVM on the EPSM paradigm for explaining recurrent lameness and metabolic problems) and Michael Wildenstein (farrier instructor at Cornell CVM and consulting editor, Hoofcare & Lameness). This is the first health and management guide for draft horses, with chapters on hoofcare, analyzing movement, joints and legs, back and spinal cord problems, etc. RESERVE YOUR COPY NOW! Expected price $32 plus shipping.

Also (my favorite):

Barefoot Hearted
by Kathleen Meyer. (No, not another Strasser disciple!) Kathy is a well-known author of environmental books (such as the classic "How to #*@% in the Woods"). In her autobiographical account of moving to Montana with her farrier husband (and Hoofcare subscriber), Pat McCarron, Kathy unfolds the life of a farrier's wife on the fringes of the nouveau wilderness of the Bitteroot Valley with characteristic humor and insight. Published by Random House (way to go, Kathy!), a major national trade book; pick it up at your local Borders or order it from Hoofcare!

Coming in the (hopefully near) future

Dr Joyce Harman's book on saddle fitting 
Dr Hilary Clayton's new book on the biomechanics of equestrian sports. 
Adams Lameness in Horses, all new edition, by Ted Stashak DVM (promised for November)

To order any book listed, simply fax or email your order with Visa/MC information or mail checks and money orders. Allow three weeks for delivery (though they usually don't take that long). Books and videotapes are not returnable unless defective. Phone orders accepted most afternoons at 978 281 3222 or leave full order information on voice mail.

Mailing address: Hoofcare Online Hoofcare Publishing PO Box 6600 Gloucester MA 01930 tel 978 281 3222 fax 978 283 8775 mailto:webinquiry@hoofcare.com web site http://www.hoofcare.com

Have time to do some web exploring? Check out these interesting sites:

A herd of feral horses in the Bahamas has a fascinating site of its own-and plenty of hoof problems, with photos: http://www.equiworld.net/uk/horsecare/Breeds/abaco/index.htm

Some of the best horse health links on the web, especially for sites dedicated to laminitis, are collected at our friend Al Guden's Dutch Warmblood site: http://www.hyperionfarm.com

Visit Dr Hilary Clayton's McPhail Equine Performance Center at Michigan State vet school; Hilary has just acquired three Andalusians in Spain and will be training them to pull the Spartan chariot at MSU football games this fall. That's when she's not teaching, doing research, traveling to lecture, writing her new book, or fundraising for her center. http://www.cvm.msu.edu/dressage/

Do you have suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered in these email editions? Send your ideas to: mailto:Fran@hoofcare.com

Thanks to all our friends out there who share information with Hoofcare & Lameness and use our web site for research, and who refer clients to the web site for reading about lameness.

Keep up the great work, everyone. One of these summers, we'll all get to the beach.

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