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August, 1999

A collection of informal news from Hoofcare & Lameness: The Journal of Equine Foot Science
Fran Jurga, Publisher

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Is that a verb? Coming home from Equitana last month, I ripped an ad out of a trail riding magazine. "BAREFOOT YOUR HORSE" read the headline; "No longer do you need the services of a farrier", the copy read. Derringer Ranch in Quemado, New Mexico gives seminars for horseowners, and has a book and video for sale. Maybe you thought we were kidding with our article in Hoofcare 71 about "de-shoeing" and a new movement toward owner-care of hooves, but this is for real. Author Jaime Jackson's new book will be available for sale to the public in August, and it promotes logical, responsible hoofcare, but does not promote shoeing horses, per se, unless necessary. And farriers? Well, Jaime recommends that owners either become or hire a Hoof Care Provider.


So, what's an HCP? We asked Nancy Jackson, Jaime's wife and our business contact on the new book:

"A hoofcare provider is differentiated from a farrier because they are not primarily 'shoers'. They take care of the hooves but may not do any shoeing at all. I think the terminology was created because farriery is usually associated with shoeing. A farrier might also be a professional hoof care provider depending on his philosophy and the nature of his hoof work. (This is my definition, by the way, but I think it's pretty close)." --(from Nancy Jackson, Star Ridge Publishing, publishers of Horse Owner's Guide to Natural Hoofcare by Jaime Jackson)

(Hoofcare will offer Jaime's new book NATURAL HOOFCARE FOR HORSE OWNERS for sale when it is available. Watch for its arrival! Jaime is a professional farrier...and an HCP to boot!)


Will LINCOLN CHAFEE need a lucky horseshoe?

Best wishes go to farrier Lincoln Chafee, candidate for US Senate in Rhode Island. Lincoln has taken a break from shoeing to be mayor of Warwick, RI, but recently decided to make a run for Washington when his dad, Senator John Chafee, decided to retire from his Senate seat...after 22 years on Capital Hill. Lincoln is just your typical farrier...son of a US Senator, descendent of one of Rhode Island's founding families, a graduate of an ivy league university with a degree in the classics, and sure enough, did his graduate work at horseshoeing school in Montana in the mid-70s. You might have run into him on the backside in Kentucky. WISH HIM LUCK! In many articles, Lincoln is getting a lot of mileage out of his professional standing as a farrier!



If you are part of the hoofcare industry, you know what a personal world it is...and what a personable bunch of people inhabit it! Time out for some personal notes:

Sincere condolences to our friend, farrier, toolmaker, and supplier Jim Ferrie of Ayr, Scotland on the death of his wife, and my lovely friend, Shonna. Vet friends will know Jim as the farrier at the University of Glasgow vet school; his work has been widely published in vet journals. Shonna traveled to Calgary in July, a place she dearly loved and where she had many friends. She was a truly gifted spirit whose loss will be felt by all of us.

Congratulations to Clint Carlson on his "semi-retirement" from St Croix Forge. Clint thinks he's semi-retired because he's working from a home office now and "wired" to the manufacturing plant down the road. See you on the road, Clint!

Keep sending those cards and letters to our valiant friend Burney Chapman, who is working very hard to recover from brain surgery. (Burney Chapman, Box 6171, Lubbock, TX 79464.

Congratulations to Kim Henneman DVM for her sell-out crowds at Equitana in June in Kentucky. Kim's lectures pieced together "Holistic Management of the Performance Horse" had a great handout that included a mile-long laundry list of all the supplements Dr Henneman feeds her eventing horse. (I term this V.E.M.....Very Expensive Manure) I'm not sure everyone is as experienced as a vet when it comes to mixing their own supplement smorgasbords for horses, particularly homemade electrolytes, but her lectures are lively, fun, and though-provoking. Hoofcare sells her popular video "When the Body Says Ouch: Identifying Pain in the Performance Horse".

Condolences to the connections of US Olympic medal winning dressage horse Peron, ridden by Michelle Gibson at Atlanta, and more recently part of the Swiss national team. Peron was injured while being loaded into a van following the competition at Aachen, Germany, and suffered a fatal reaction to an antibiotic injection.


Obesity-related laminitis and possible links with adrenal and thyroid dysfunction is a major topic in Hoofcare #72.....


Have some fun on the Internet tonight! Visit "Welcome to the Land of Lameness", part of the University of Pennsylvania's self-guided education program for vet students. You think you're a lameness expert? Try these tests!

Visit http://www.cal.vet.upenn.edu/lameness/intro


What's going on in Australia, as they prep for the 2K Olympics? The logistics are intimidating and the paranoia understandable, as potentially contagious horses from around the world land in Sydney. But wait! The government is thinking about taxing horseshoes as a way to raise revenue for health security! Here's a quote from a Sydney daily paper:

"A proposal is under consideration in Canberra that a levy of $1 per set of horseshoes is collected by the half dozen wholesalers and manufacturers and forwarded to the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. That avenue was chosen as the most equitable, with pony clubbers - who use perhaps six sets a year - paying far less than racehorse owners. It would amount to around $600,000 a year, and it would be used by RIRDC for other purposes if no disaster eventuated."


Did you know....that Hoofcare & Lameness's five largest subscriber areas are 1. Central Massachusetts (tie) 2. Lexington, Kentucky area (tie) 3. Fort Collins, Colorado (tie) 4. Redmond, Washington (tie) 5. Western Massachusetts (tie)

By far the largest state of subscribers is California, where 12% of all subscribers live. Runner up states are (in order) New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, FLorida, Texas, and Washington. Fastest growing state for subscribers? Alaska, believe it or not! Smallest number of subscribers? North Dakota. Is anyone home there? I'd like to personally thank farrier Lee Decker for being the only subscriber in that state. If he gets out of the horse business, I'm in trouble!

Speaking of home, thanks to all the local veterinarians and farriers here in Massachusetts, many of whom have been subscribing to Hoofcare & Lameness since it began 15 years ago!

Internationally, the largest number of subscribers are in Great Britain and Australia, but South American and Eastern European subscriptions are sharply increasing, thanks in large part to exposure through the Internet. I never thought my words would be read in Slovenia, Slovakia, and Croatia. But then again, those countries didn't exist before, and they all have tremendous histories, along with Poland, as horse-breeding centers in the cavalry age of Europe.



Mustad Inc. is in the news this summer. First, they sponsored their 20th anniversary of the World Championship Blacksmiths' Competition at the Calgary Stampede in Canada. With $20,000 prize money! The big winner was the USA's Craig Trnka, with Scotland's Allan Ferrie close behind. In July, Mustad opened it's spectacular new factory in Bloomfield, Connecticut, fittingly dedicated to long-time Swedish manufacturing director in the nail division, Hans Nielsen. More info (and pictures) in Hoofcare 72, of course!



Word has it that the popular abscess "mix" so popular on the racetracks in NY and Florida will soon be available commercially mixed. Trainers call it "the sauce"--it's a blend of the herbal liniment "Sore No More" (the one we all use on ourselves because it smells so good) and Sugardyne. Folks at Equilite, makers of SNM, report requests coming in all the way from California and it's not even on the market yet. Backstretch platers have been mixing it up for trainers in little batches but Equilite plans to sell it in jars. More info at www.equilite.com soon!


And You Thought Simon Curtis's Book Was Expensive?

A 22-page document calle De Medicina Equorum, written by Italian Giordano Ruffo, imperial farrier to the court of Emperor Frederick II in the mid-13th century, sold recently for 36,700 pounds sterling at Sotheby's in London. The text is a "how to" of horseshoeing and identifies Ruffo's treatments for a lameness problem.

Too bad Ruffo didn't get to bask in any glory. Frederick died, and Ruffo was thrown in prison, no doubt because the new emperor had his own way of shoeing. The manuscript will be displayed at the Wellcome Institute in London. (Simon Curtis's "Farriery: Foal to Racehorse" is a relative bargain at $95 plus shipping!)



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Vet Clinics of North America: Back Problems has been published. Papers on the equine spine's function and problems by veterinarians Linda Blythe, Jean-Marie Denoix, Harold Engel, Carol Gillis, Dietrich Graf von Schweinitz, Joyce Harman, Kevin Haussler, Leo Jeffcott, Alan Klide, Dan Marks, Benson Martin, Michael Nowak, Kerry Ridgway, Stephanie Valberg and Martin Weaver PLUS equine physiotherapist Mary Bromiley.

To order, send $55 plus $5 postage for US orders to Hoofcare Book Orders, Box 6600, Gloucester MA 01930. Fax orders to 978 283 8775. Or email to webinquiry@hoofcare.com.


Ever notice how horse language can have double-meaning? At a recent three-day, I watched a few white-knuckle dressage tests, then had to laugh when a rider complained to me that her horse "blew up" and she didn't know what was wrong. I was instantly concerned, but his legs looked all right to me....then I realized that maybe I've been on the lameness side of things too long and she was talking about him ACTING up, not SWELLING up!


Is it hot where you are? Needless to say, it has been miserable here, with lots of horses suffering. A couple of "Cushing's-type" geriatric ponies at the barn here are benefiting from a super new product called a "COLD COLLAR" from Tempra Technologies in Sarasota, Florida. It is polar fleece on the outside, hangs around the neck on velcro straps, and has four mesh pockets on the inside, against the skin, to hold four impact-activated cold packs. It was developed for event and endurance horses, but you've got to love this for Cushing's cases, or lame horses confined to sweat stalls. Good news from Tempra is a new "Founder Wrap" with two ice packs that will fasten around the coronet for initial stages of laminitis. This company has great ideas! Thanks to Eleanor Kellon VMD for sharing the info with H&L about these products. More info will be available in HOOFCARE's upcoming issues, or visit http://www.tempratech.com/. Please tell them you were referred by Hoofcare Online!



Some excellent educational opportunities are coming up!

--Piedra Foundation Seminar in Del Mar, California with Dr Larry Bramlage August 21-22 (www.piedra.org)

--Dr. Hilary Clayton will speak at the University of New Hampshire October 27.

--MAJOR EVENT! Rochester Equine Clinic's Second Sports Medicine Symposium: Dr Hilary Clayton, Dr. Joyce Harman, and Dr. Jean-Marie Denoix at the Governor's Inn, Rochester, NH October 28-29. Conference will focus on the equine spine. Dr Denoix wowed farriers at the American Farrier's Association Convention in 1999; his videotape "Functional Anatomy of Tendons and Ligaments" is a best-seller on our web site. He has a great presentation on the effects of farriers on horses with back problems. DON'T MISS THIS ONE. Sure to be a sell out. Send email to REC@horseonline.com.

--WAY AHEAD! Dr. Chris Pollitt will speak at the American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention in Albuquerque, NM beginning December 5. (http://www.aaep.org)


Speaking of Dr. Pollitt, Hoofcare #72 has an update on his latest research into what exactly causes laminitis. And it's not what you've been thinking, or what anyone was thinking. This is a fascinating paper; the research will officially be unveiled at the American College of Veterinary Surgeons meeting in San Francisco this fall. Exciting! Better make sure your subscription is up to date!


Congratulations to the founders on the formation of IAATH--International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing. You'll be hearing a lot more about his interdisciplinary group of equine healthcare providers---therapists, veterinarians, farriers, technicians--working together to promote interdisciplinary cooperation between professions and treatment areas. A very important concept for us all to support! For more info, send email to INFOHORSES@aol.com


Evening primrose oil? Catch the latest research on the beneficial effects of biotin and evening primrose oil found in separate studies at DeMontfort University in England by Major John Reilly's foot study group. Good science--and good news! Read about it in Hoofcare #72.


That's it for now. As always, write or call with questions and comments, and keep in touch by email anytime you think that Hoofcare can help you in any way.


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